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    makes your spoken dialogue ACCESSIBLE

    CaptionConnect is an incredibly powerful communication tool that makes your spoken classes, presentations, meetings and dialogue accessible to all participants during and after a session

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Creating inclusive workplaces, learning environments & communities

Fast, powerful, accurate, real-time, captioning and transcription software

CaptionConnect is comprised of a comprehensive suite of applications.

CaptionConnect is powerful, easy to use, cloud-based software that allows you to quickly and accurately convert speech to text in real-time in over 100 different languages from anywhere in the world.

The powerful and flexible automatic captioning software offers a robust suite of useful features that removes the requirement for manual transcription, saving time and money and making spoken classes, presentations and meetings more accessible. CaptionConnect assists by removing access barriers for participants who are Deaf or hard of hearing or have learning challenges by ensuring they are not missing information that is spoken by a presenter. CaptionConnect also provides supplementary features such as meeting integration, language translation, video subtitling (closed or open captions) and automated audio file transcription.


Discover the power of CaptionConnect Live

CaptionConnect Live captions a presenter’s speech and simultaneously displays the text onto both the presenters and subscribers’ screens in a live presentation. The subscribers can view the presentation in real-time and from anywhere around the world.

Accessibility options tailored to the users specific needs

Captioning in real-time directly onto a variety of viewer devices.

Convert speech to text to enhance presentations, conferences, meetings and seminars and make them more accessible.

Use CaptionConnect Live in class, on a live platform, over the internet. You can even log in after the class or event has ended to listen to the recording and/or read the transcript at any time that’s convenient.

Making CaptionConnect an ideal solution for both the private and public sectors.

simple to access. Can also be run as a progressive web application (PWA) which allows you to create an icon on your desktop for easy access.

all you need is an internet standards compliant browser.

for secure data storage.

CaptionConnect captioning and transcription software is web-based and user friendly, enabling users to replay, edit, annotate, tag and search transcriptions quickly and easily.


Clever, Powerful, Versatile Software That Saves Time, Money & Reduces Manual Processes

Automated Video Subtitling/Closed Captioning

CaptionConnect Video provides Subtitling functionality that lets you add and create subtitles for your videos. Simply upload your video files to your own personal or team account and the software will automatically generate subtitles based on the voice capture. Access and edit it right away, or use the multilingual feature to translate your subtitles into multiple languages.

Automated Audio Transcription

CaptionConnect makes Audio transcription a breeze. Save time, money and reduce the labour-intensive task of transcribing audio files into text. Simply upload your audio file into the tool and it will be converted into an editable transcript. Share it, store it, or translate it into a different language. It’s that simple!

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Bringing accessible classrooms & workplaces to life

CaptionConnect is an innovative, easy-to-use and highly accurate automatic captioning and transcription tool that will reduce learning barriers for students in the classroom, workplace and in the broader community. CaptionConnect also enhances learning for all students as it provides a transcript of all spoken communication in class and is available for download in their own CaptionConnect environment, meaning they won’t miss a thing!

We believe that people deserve better software and solutions to improve how they work, study and live.
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CaptionConnect supports deaf student to achieve academic excellence.
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Who can use CaptionConnect ?

With so many innovative features, CaptionConnect is a valuable tool for a variety of industries and can be used in a wide range of settings.

Create accessible classrooms, lectures and tutorials.


Quickly and easily transcribe community engagement consultation and meeting minutes and make events accessible to the Deaf community.


Create a written transcripts of your conference or meetings in real-time.