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Real-time captioning and transcription software play a significant role in the legal sector, offering a range of benefits for lawyers, courtrooms, and clients. CaptionConnect uses AI technology to convert spoken words into written text in real-time, providing an accurate and immediate record of conversations and proceedings.

In the courtroom, real-time captioning and transcription are invaluable during trials and hearings, ensuring a precise documentation of all spoken words. Lawyers also employ these services during depositions, enabling them to capture and review witness statements promptly. Additionally, real-time transcription aids legal research, making it easier for attorneys to locate specific information within recorded interviews, hearings, or meetings.

Beyond courtroom settings, real-time transcription services benefit client meetings and consultations by guaranteeing that all critical details are accurately documented. They also enhance accessibility for individuals with who are deaf or hard of hearing, complying with disability laws. Furthermore, real-time transcription can be used for training, compliance, and evidence presentation, saving time and costs associated with manual transcription while maintaining the confidentiality of sensitive legal information.


Use CaptionConnect for:

  • Courtroom Proceedings
  • Depositions
  • Client Meetings and Consultations
  • Legal Research and Documentation
  • Accessibility for Deaf or Hard of Hearing participants
  • Training and Continuing Legal Education (CLE)
  • Documenting Confessions and Statements
  • Record Keeping and Compliance
  • Language Translation
  • Evidence Presentation
  • Time and Cost Savings
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