How it Works

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CaptionConnect is comprised of a comprehensive suite of applications including:

CaptionConnect Live
Which automatically caption's a presenter’s speech and simultaneously displays the speech in text onto both the presenters and subscribers’ screens in a live presentation. The subscribers can view the presentation in real-time and from anywhere around the world.

CaptionConnect Video Subtitle / Closed Captioning
CaptionConnect provides Video Subtitling functionality that lets you add and create subtitles for your videos. Simply upload your video files to your own personal or team account and the software will automatically generate subtitles based on the voice capture. Access and edit it right away, or use the multilingual feature to translate your subtitles into multiple languages.

CaptionConnect Audio Transcription
Audio files can also be uploaded into the tool and the audio file will be converted into an editable transcript, which can be shared, stored or even translated into a different language.

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