Industry Solutions

Section Solutions

Create accessible classrooms, lectures and tutorials.


Quickly and easily transcribe community engagement consultation and meeting minutes and make events accessible to the Deaf community.


Create a written transcripts of your conference or meetings in real-time.

CaptionConnect is helping to create a more inclusive and accessible education system for students with special needs, more accessible workplaces and reducing the burden of transcribing voice to text in a variety of industry settings such as:

  • Education – Classrooms and Universities
  • Government and Public Sector to capture interactions, transcribe speech to text and then to analyse and share this rich content.
  • Medical and health care – reducing the burden on medical staff to take notes and capture vital information.
  • Legal – including Court rooms, tribunals and all legal settings, lawyers etc.
  • Conferences and Board Meetings – quickly and easily create a written transcript of your presentation, conference or board meeting or Annual General Meeting discussions.